Yale University                                                                                                                                                     New Haven, CT, USA

Ph.D., Film and Media Studies & East Asian Languages and Literatures                                                     May 2023

Graduate Certificate, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies                                                              January 2022

Graduate Certificate, College Teaching Preparation Program                                                                 January 2022

M.Phil., Film and Media Studies & East Asian Languages and Literatures                                   December 2019

M.A., East Asian Languages and Literatures                                                                                                  December 2018


Waseda University                                                                                                                                                              Tokyo, Japan

Visiting Research Fellow, Graduate School of International Culture and Comm.            Fall 2020 – Present

Supported by the Japan Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Award and
the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale's Dissertation Prize Fellowship 


Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies                                                                 Yokohama, Japan

Graduate Certificate, 10-Month Intensive Language Program                                                                      June 2014

Supported by the Parker Huang Travel Research Fellowship


Yale University                                                                                                                                                     New Haven, CT, USA

B.A. with Distinction, Film Studies and East Asian Studies                                                                                 May 2013

Howard R. Lamar Prize for Outstanding Work in the Field of Film Studies

Invited Lectures and Discussions

"Nihon ni okeru animēshon: gainenteki rekishi to 1950-nendai no jōkyō" Online

Sun Academy Nihongo Center Summer Japanese Language Program in Tokyo           July 2021

“How do Animated Documentaries ‘Face History’?”                                                                                                      Online

Documentary History and Theory Course, Univ. of North Carolina Wilmington                        October 2020


Senga, manga, byōga, dōga: A Conceptual History of ‘Animation’ in Japan”                   New Haven, CT, USA

Global Film and Media Concepts Course, Yale University                                                                       February 2020


“Japanese Animation Today”                                                                                                                           Bronxville, NY, USA

Asia Summit Speaker Series, Sarah Lawrence College                                                                            November 2019


Princess Iron Fan (1941) and the Influence of the Wan Brothers in Japan”                         Bronxville, NY, USA

Experimental Film and Animation Course, Sarah Lawrence College                                                           April 2019


Panel Discussion on Ochōfujin no gensō (1940) and Hana chirinu (1938)                            New Haven, CT, USA

Kinema Club XVIII: Gender & Sexuality in Japanese Film, Yale University                                    February 2019


“Locating ‘the World of the Character’ Through Kimi no na wa (2016)”                              New Haven, CT, USA

Yale Contemporary Architecture Colloquium on Digital Ecologies                                                   February 2018


“Documenting Animation: Useful Tools for the Study of Film and Media”                           Bronxville, NY, USA

Fundamentals of Nonfiction Animation Course, Sarah Lawrence College                                 November 2017


Conference Participation

Re-Gendering the 'Animator'”                                                                                                                                                    Online

Modern Language Association Annual Convention, San Francisco                                                       January 2023

In the Schoolhouse, On the Streets, As Cultural Form: Animation Before Anime”                                     Online

Society for Animation Studies Annual Conference, Teesside University                                                  June 2022

'Animator' as Gendered Appellation? An Intermedial Approach to Women's Work on Animated Media

Performing Intermediality Online Symposium, Waseda University                                                December 2021

Schoolhouse Screenings, Puppet Films, and the Child Spectator-Collaborator”                                         Online

Society for Animation Studies Annual Conference, Tulane University                                                       June 2021

“Mochinaga Tadahito and the Question of Chinese, Japanese, and American Animation”                     Online

Association for Chinese Animation Studies Inaugural Conference, HKUST                                            May 2021


“Animation in Times of Pandemic”                                                                                                                                             Online

Suspensions of Concentration: Kimetsu no yaiba and Blockbuster                                                            

in the Year of the Global Pandemic, Waseda University          March 2021


“Archival Traces of 1950s Child Spectators and the Possibility of the Child Collaborator”                    Online

Beyond Theorizing Anime: Voices and Archiving, Niigata University                                                     March 2021


“Troubling Texts, Resistant Readings: Looking Anew at Isu and Aosu”                                  New Haven, CT, USA

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Colloquium, Yale University                                            February 2020


“Beyond the Outer Limits: On the Crisis of Masculinity in Some Films by Kuri Yōji”            Lisbon, Portugal    

Society for Animation Studies Annual Conference, Universidade Lusófona                                          June 2019       


“Is This Anime? Writing Early Animated Television Commercials                                              Tübingen, Germany    

into the History of Japanese Animation”                                                                                                                  

‘Doing Animation History’ Winter School, University of Tübingen                                                           March 2019


“Beyond Anime? Rethinking Japanese Animation History Through                                              Seattle, WA, USA     

Early Animated Television Commercials”                                                                                                                 

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Sheraton Grand                                    March 2019


Manga, mangaka, manga eiga: Kuri Yōji’s Intermedial Animation”                                                        Kyoto, Japan

Mechademia in Asia Conference, Kyoto Manga Museum                                                                                   May 2018


“Rethinking Japanese Animation History Through TV Commercials”                           New York City, NY, USA     

Advertising Film Workshop, New York University                                                                                                 April 2018


Graduate Student Panelist                                                                                                                            Los Angeles, CA, USA

Technologies of East Asian Performance Conference, UCLA                                                                      March 2018


“The Films of 1954: Redefining the Japanese ‘Self’ in the Postwar Era”                        Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Association for Asian Studies New England Conference, Boston College                                        January 2017


Fellowships and Awards

Council on East Asian Studies Dissertation Prize Fellowship                                                                     2020 – 2023

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Doctoral Fellowship Award                                                            2020 – 2021

Center for Teaching and Learning Certificate for Public Communication                                                           2020

Society for Animation Studies Best Graduate Student Paper, Winner                                                                  2018

Council on East Asian Studies Summer Travel and Research Grant                                                           ’18, ’19, ‘20 

Richard U. Light Fellowship for East Asian Language Study                                                         ‘10, ‘12, ‘13, ’17, ‘18

Society for Animation Studies Best Graduate Student Paper, Runner-up                                                           2017

Fund for Lesbian and Gay Studies Travel Research Award                                                                                           2016

Academic Service and Programming

Vice Chairperson, 25th Anniversary Conference of Japan Society for Animation Studies                        2023

Board Member, Society for Animation Studies                                                                   2020 – Present

Reviewer, Animation Studies             2022 Present

Reviewer, Yale Undergraduate Research Journal                                                                  2020 – Present

Assist with Film Practitioners' Campus Visits at Yale                                                               2016 2020

Guests include: Miyazaki Hayao, Anno Hideaki, Suzuki Toshio,

Xu Bing, Nakadai Tatsuya, Hamaguchi Ryūsuke, Giorgio Ferrero

Head Graduate Affiliate, Pauli Murray College                                                                         20172019

Co-Coordinator, “Gender and Sexuality in Japanese Cinema,” Kinema Club Conference                          2019

Coordinator, “Monsters in Motion,” CEAS Spring Film Series                2018 

Co-Coordinator, “The Aggressive Image,” FMS Graduate Student Conference           2018 

Co-Coordinator, “Rough Cut,” FMS Works-in-Progress Series             2017 – 2018 

Graduate Student Liaison, Film and Media Studies Program            2016 – 2018



English (native)

Modern Japanese (fluent, JLPT N1 certification) 

Mandarin Chinese (advanced proficiency)

Classical Japanese (reading proficiency)


Research and Teaching Interests

Animation, film and media theory, East Asian cinema, gender and sexuality, manga, games, translation


Professional Memberships

Association for Asian Studies

Association for Chinese Animation Studies

Japan Society for Animation Studies 日本アニメーション学会

Modern Language Association of America 

Society for Animation Studies

Society for Cinema and Media Studies